Are You Starting an Office Renovation?


That’s a lot harder than moving into a new apartment. 
Ask anyone who ever managed one: They’ll likely say it was a nightmare. 

In your office reno, you can easily: 

  • Get nasty surprises

  • Make costly mistakes

  • Delay your schedule

  • Irritate your colleagues

A project that goes badly can be a "money pit" and a
big distraction that drags your team away from your successful business operations. 

At officemorph, we want to help. That’s why we developed this common-sense guide to the problems we see over and over again—along with how to avoid each one. 

Get this free guide, and discover these time-saving tips and tricks: 

  • Why it costs MORE to bid out your job to different contractors

  • Why you must choose “TIA" over “turnkey"

  • The most important part of any construction contract

  • A 3-step strategy for gathering everyone’s input

  • 4 cool spaces your colleagues will love, from The Lounge to The Library

  • Why you must start planning Moving Day immediately

  • 3 key areas to check before you start demolition

  • How not to overload yourself or your key employees

This guide will help you create a new space that's a delightful place to work.


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