Autumn Ambition

From pumpkins to PR – Autumn is a busy time for many of our clients, wrapping up office build-outs and projects.  

PRC: Working towards a better future!

Looking for some inspiration?  Check out the work and mission of PRC, which provides vital support for those in our community suffering from mental illness, addiction, homelessness and AIDS.  We are delighted to help build a new consolidated HQ and service center for such an amazing organization.  We embark on the construction phase shortly!

Another Way to Build a Room

While modular, pre-fabricated wall systems have been around for years in the commercial interiors world, they haven’t typically been a perfect solution for most situations.  Orangebox has developed a new modular room system with its own integrated lighting, ventilation, and other infrastructure to all be brought into spaces independently and easily relocated.  We dig it!

Sharing the “13 Mistakes” with Local Office Managers

A few weeks ago, Kira and Adam had the opportunity to talk at Camp OrgOrg, a convention of several hundred office managers, about our guidebook “13 Mistakes To Avoid When Building Out Your Next Office”.

Check out the “13 Mistakes”here!

Adventures Outside the Office:
Enjoying the fall festivities!