You’ve never directed an office build-out or relocation….

…and you’re already having nightmares.

A mismanaged office renovation and move can result in

cost escalations, schedule extensions, and angry co-workers.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Now offering our:

Office Build-out Starter Kit

Breakroom1a (1).jpg

Get the tools you'll need to launch a successful office tenant improvement project and gain the confidence of a pro

You'll get the same tools we use for our top client’s projects including officemorph’s:

  • Project Planning Audit
    Get your job launched successfully with a Project Plan during a 30-minute Video Chat with one of our experienced Project Managers. 

  • Lease Analysis
    Receive valuable construction-related feedback on considerations for your project in the terms of your Letter of Intent (LOI), lease or lease draft.

  • Workspace Intake Form
    A valuable tool to make sure you capture all your key requirements from the beginning.

  • Project Planning Checklist
    Wrap your head around over 130 tasks all effective projects should complete

  • Cost Control Report template
    Track your budget in the same well-organized fashion we do.

  • Guidebook, 13 Mistakes To Avoid When Building Out Your Next Office
    Take in dozens of our secrets to make sure you don’t commit the same blunders most first-timers do


Get all these tools to reach your office goals for only $595.

Want officemorph to run your project after getting the Starter Kit? We’ll credit the fees back to you.