Office Build-Out Tool Kit


Office Build-Out Tool Kit




Thanks for your interest in our Office Build-Out Tool Kit!

Office renovations and relocations can easily result in busted budgets, endless delays, and lots of frustration.  But we are here to help!

We will arm you with some powerful tools to kick off your job the right way!

Here’s how this works:

1) After making payment, you’ll get the first set of tools:

Project Planning Checklist: This is your roadmap of tasks and steps from project inception to close-out.

Workspace Intake Form: This is the same intake form we send our clients to help them explore their needs and consider requirements they might not have thought of.

“13 Mistakes To Avoid When Building Out Your Next Office”: This is a must read for anyone in your shoes.

Cost Control Report: Know your numbers.  By using our simple and organized format you can make sure you are capturing the budget properly.

We’ll also ask that you send us a copy of the latest version of your lease, lease draft, or Letter of Intent (LOI).

2) You’ll then get a second email within 1-2 business days from us with our Lease Analysis and a link to set up our Project Planning Audit with you.  To make our session most productive, be sure to complete the Workspace Intake Form in advance.

3) When we have our Project Planning Audit session together, we’ll walk through out materials, discuss your project, and set you in the direction.

You’ll find the Office Build-Out Tool Kit an extremely valuable way to manage your job with conviction.  These tools will mitigate the risks of your project costing more than it should, lingering on too long, and getting off track.

Click on the “get started button” to purchase the Office Build-Out Tool Kit and get started today!