Happy 2019!

We hope that your New Year is off to a great start and that you enjoyed the holidays! We know we did!

How To Spend Less On Your Office Build

Do rising construction costs have you wondering how to keep your build out within your budget? Check out this article by officemorph principal Adam Felson for some valuable pointers for every phase from demolition to finishes!

Spotlight With An Office IT Partner

Recently we had the opportunity to interview Dale Roberts, the founder of Centarus. Centarus is a flexible and forward-thinking IT solution-based company that keeps their clients’ interest at the forefront.

Q: How does your company help growing businesses?

We offer managed IT and cybersecurity services with remote and on-site help at a flat cost per user per month. We tailor our services directly to the clients’ needs by using our My IT process assessment. This is an assessment of around 250 questions that we use to assess the needs and the workflow of the business. This process does take some time, but it allows us to make sure we are offering our clients the best fit for their specific business needs.  We are always on the lookout for the latest and greatest to recommend to the client for expansion. For instance: Cybersecurity insurance is a big thing these days.

Q. Where do relocation projects often run into trouble?
People need to do a better job talking to each other. If one vendor is behind it sets the whole project behind.  Working with existing cabling in old buildings can also be troublesome.  If we start on a project and realize that the cable is too old and will not support wireless, we will need to go with another solution.  Nonetheless, if planning starts early, we have the best chance for a successful project!  

“People need to do a better job talking to each other” for successful partnerships.

Industry Trends: Beautiful San Francisco Interior Spaces You Should See

We enjoyed this clickable tour though some of our City’s most polished public interiors spaces – many that we weren’t familiar with.  How many have you visited? 

Adventures Outside the Office:

Explorations of the New Year!